Title - See my Friends - Acrylic on Canvas Paper

Title - Who's Ready for Ice Cream? - Oil on Canvas

Title - Starman 1 - Acrylic on Canvas Paper

Title - Starman 2 - Acrylic on Canvas Paper

Title - Meet the King - Acrylic on Canvas Paper

Title - Can you hear me, Major Tom? - Acrylic on Canvas Paper

Title - From Robots to Replicants - Acrylic on Canvas

Title - First Man (King of the Moon) - Acrylic on Canvas

Title - Paris Under Siege - Acrylic On Canvas

Title - San Fran Takedown - Acrylic On Canvas


Hi. I'm Lo-fi Guy. Some examples of my paintings are shown above. My art style is comedic and slightly subversive in nature. I guess I'm obsessed with kitsch mid 20th century popular culture themes. I also have a fascination with famous icons and often paint them into my artworks.


I am a professional artist with many years experience selling to customers in the UK and further afield. Initially I gained my art degree from the University of East Anglia. I'm often planning exhibitions, so contact me if you have any questions regarding my work.